in the 1880's, G.F. Spangenberg started his shop on Fourth street in Tombstone. Knowledgeable in firearms, gunsmithing, cutlery and even sewing machines,
his clientele included the Clantons, McLaurys, AND the Earps

On the 26th day in October 1881, the "cowboys" were seen in Spangenbergs getting ammunition and Ike Clanton was looking to get a firearm.
At that time Frank McLaurys horse stepped onto the boardwalk and stuck its head inside the shop...Virgil Earp, acting marshal of Tombstone along with Wyatt came and pulled the horse off the boardwalk. It is said that McLaury and Wyatt had words...supposedly the last act before the gunfight later that fatetul day!!

the original G.F. Spangenberg pioneer gun shop was destroyed in the fire of 1882 and never re-built.

for the past 20 years the G.F. Spangenberg pioneer gun shop
has been here to keep the history alive across the street from the original!!
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